We are aware of the recent issues that our users may have experienced on our Fire TV and Fire TV Stick apps. If you have experienced any connectivity or video playback problems, please upgrade your Pluto TV app to version 1.18.3 on your Fire TV devices.

Steps for upgrading your Pluto TV app:

1. Go to your Apps Library, find the Pluto TV listing and select the 'Update' button.
2.Once you've selected Update, you should see the following dialog. 
3. Click on 'Update App Now' to run update.
4. If you do not have an update button, please follow the uninstall/reinstall steps below.

Steps to Uninstall/ Reinstall steps for upgrade:

  1. From Home screen, click Settings
  2. Select Applications
  3. Select Manage all Installed Applications 
  4. Scroll to select Pluto app
  5. Select Uninstall app
  6. From Home screen, click Search "Pluto TV" 
  7. Scroll to select and install Pluto TV app

*NOTE: You may need to restart your Fire TV device after successful upgrade is installed.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and patience as we worked to quickly resolve the issues! 


Current version 1.22.16-amazon
- Bug fixes
- Video performance and substantial compatibility improvements
- Default channel is now 'Headline News'
- Faster load time

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